I thinking about getting the 80 or the 200 but I'm not sure if the 200 has everything the 80 does, But on that note is there anything like that is good of better? For the Price
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id save up for a Boss ME-20B. Its only $60 more than the BP-200, and sounds much better. Seems to be much easier to use and control, and i think it doesnt have amp models, so your amps tone will be able to come thru.
Multi-effects processors like the BP series give you a lot for a little, but be warned their a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. While they may give you X amount of effects, half of them will be useful, oftentimes you an only use a few at a time, and none of them is as good as a dedicated separate unit. While these boxes can be real fun to play around with and experiment (i.e. maybe deciding what effects you like and would want to buy dedicated stomp or rack boxes of) in a gigging situation I wouldn't count on em, since with a board of effects, if you lose one, you can pull it outta the chain and carry on, but if the mufti processor goes down in flames, you just lost everything.

That said, if you do go with a multi, get the biggest, baddest one you can afford, as the beefier processor will let you run more patches at once and run them better than the basic one. Expression pedals add a ton of versatility (i.e. volume or modulation controls, or a real wah as opposed to an envelope follower) aslo, no matter what you get, get the power supply for them, since these things suck down batteries like no tomorrow and the tone of fading batteries is terrible, not to mention that the pop they give off during a sudden shutdown is equivalent to a pure digital clip, and can wreck a speaker
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I have an 80. They're not bad for just playing around with in your room if you're a total fx noob and have no idea what different types of pedals sound like, just to get a feel for them. Otherwise, they kinda suck. I have no experience with the 200, but I wouldn't expect a huge improvement. I once heard someone say that Digitech multi fx pedals seem great until you hear what the effects they're based on sound like. Honestly, save up and buy single fx pedals. You could spend just twice as much buying only the fx you'll actually use in a band setting (heavily dependent on genre/playing style) and get a sound 5 times better than what you'd get from any multi FX pedal in that price range.
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The 200 is not much improvement--its a fun toy and good for messing about in the house, but the modeling effects are nowhere near the tone you'll get with the actual amp AND the effects are merely OK . I use mine at home for a bit of practice, but I do regret spending the cash on it. Right now, its a lovely paperweight under my desk.
I've got a zoom B1 and I quite like it. I would never use it on stage but it is really fun to mess about with, Plus I recently downloaded the instruction manual for it ( I bought it 2nd hand) and that has improved the sound ALOT haha.
I think it's well worth the £20 I paid for it in terms of return for investment. but I'd recmoend just getting one (a multi effects unit) if it's cheap - the truth be told they are basically toys. chromatic tuner functions and stuff can be really useful though, plus I use mine alot with my 4 track (and my casio keyboard! - good times haha)
I have the ME20B, besides a passable overdrive, wah, and a pretty good delay, i don't use it much.

it is a great tester pedal.
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I had a Utopia B-100, and I disliked it quite a bit. Like all multi-fx units, it was complicated and unwieldy. I recommend you keep to stomp box effects, they are more fun, easier to use, and better quality.

However, there is one "kinda" multi-fx unit which I am currently loving, the line 6 JM4. It is a looper pedal with a built in Preamp and band simulator. It is designed for guitar, but it has settings for bass.
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well i like mine! (BP200) i find it useful as i use few effects but require many different types (fuzz, flange and so on) its also fun to mess around with. The tones arent the best, but then its a relatively cheap pedal.