when i play scale on lower notes (toward the headstock), my hand gets very uncomfortable and akward. reaching to the 4th fret with my pinky is really tough and when i do hit the note my pinky is basically flat against the rest of the neck. also, my thumb is in the middle of the neck, not up high. is this normal for playing on the lower notes? will my fingers (specifically my pinky) become more comfortable the more i do it? my fear is "practicing wrong" and getting into bad habits. thanks
I guess you play only a few days/weeks ? Check out the exercices at Ze_Guitarist's Ultimate Guitar Guide thingy. Left hand technique stuff.
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Your arm my well be in the wrong position. if you have the guitar neck horizontal, is your hand angled toward you when you play, or is it striaght up to the ceiling? Your hand should be straight up, this willl make it easier. Also try some stretching exercises for your fingers, and just keep practising but dont strain your hand. If it starts to hurt, shake it off and leave it for five mins
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eh, it's more awkward lower on the neck. I have to tilt my neck up a little to play cleanly. How long have you been playing? Now that my hand is really limber it's a lot easier for me to play those notes as well. You're probably also positioning your hand incorrectly.
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I think it's best to always have your thumb on the middle of the neck (excluding if you are playing open chords) and there's nothing really wrong with having you're pinky flat against the fretboard as (unless it is impeding on what you're playing) it is just muting the other strings for you
if you feel uncomfortable, find a comfortable position for you hand so you are at ease. there is no playing it wrong, except the wrong notes in the scale lol. but the most important thing in your situation is the comfortableness in playing. if you're not comfortable then there is no sense of playing.
There is no right or wrong, there is what works and what doesn't work. Just play around until you find something that's comfortable, but at that same time something that doesn't hinder you from playing correctly.
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