What do you guys think about the MM axis super sport tone in the single coil mode? I am thinking about buying either axis or silhouette this year, but I can`t make up my mind. I am a funky style freak and I know silhouette is perfect for funk, but I also want my guitar to be more versatile - just like the axis is (I listen to and try to play everything from jazz to metal).

And how would you compare a stratocaster tone to axis? Can I get a true single coil
tone from axis super sport?

Get the Silo special. it comes with 22 frets, humbucker in the bridge and 2 single coils in the middle and neck. Its a great guitar, but its your choice. I'm a EBMM player and you can't go wrong with any of their guitars

this is where you should go to get a real answer on this question.
great people and even better answers towards your MM needs.
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Yea Music Man guitars are awesome quality instruments. Won't go wrong with either, just whichever fits your style more
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I was also thinking about the HSS silhouette, but I might go prog metal one day and I`m not sure silhouette would handle that. Well, I guess I`ll change my mind houndred times before I make the final decision.

Going to the MM forums might be a good idea, thanks.
I play an Axis Supersport, it's undoubtedly the nicest guitar I've ever picked up. You can milk just about any tone you want out of it. The single coil tone is nice and bright, but not too twangy. I've never been too eloquent with describing tone, so I won't try to go too deep into it.
What sold me on the Axis SS other than the versatility was the neck. The back is unfinished and smooth as a baby's bottom.
Definitely try to play both if you can, this is not the sort of decision to be made over the internet.
axis axis axis axis!!!
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