Hey guys,
I've been teaching myself acoustic guitar, mainly the easier kotaro oshio songs for now. I want to learn romance de amor now! In classical guitar, is the pinky used to pick? I've never seen kotaro oshio use his pinky (it always seems to be anchored) , but when it comes to classical, what happens?

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No your pinky generally isn't used to pick. I've seen it done. But you use your first 3 fingers.

And your thumb is also used.
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Thanks for the replies that clears things up
What is the purpose of tying the pinky to the ring finger for beginners? I just heard about that exercise
No, you should never anchor your pinky when you play classical, it limits your movement and the emotions you can express.
The thumb is used for the E A D strings, index for G, middle for B and ring finger for the e.

Thats the general rule anyway.

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Not a rule, more of a guideline ^.

As for the pinky, there are guitarists (of the new schools style of playing rather than the 100% traditionally orientated guitarists) that approve of it's use. Personally, my pinky is far too short to use and I find it to be more of a bother than an actual help when I try to use it.

As for the tying it to your ring finger, there are mainly two reasons. The first is so that the tendon that the pinky and ring finger share (the one that runs down the side of your hand and then arm) is used more efficiently. It's as if you used your pinky together with your ring finger for extra force, because the ring finger is really a wimp, not the pinky. The other reason is so you avoid doing anything stupid with your pinky like anchoring etc.

The pinky is a great indicator of muscle tension. Ever seen those guitarists with normal first three fingers and then a pinky that sticks out really tensely to the side? Avoid that. Get pain in your pinky? Relax yourself. Pinky curling up on itself? Relax it.

Historically and traditionally you only use the thumb and first 3 fingers on your hand, but I successfully use my pinky as well, always have and always will. I personally belive, and it is a matter of opinion, that if you spend just a little bit of time getting used to it's use, then it can be (and is for me) just as able as your other fingers.