Alright, so heres the deal, I posted a thread a while back about getting the 2008 Stingray, black with Gold hardware, special edition etc. I ended up getting a solid price on it and stuff, but its about a year till I'd get it.

I also played a stingray Yesterday for the first time, finally found one at a store, and honestly, I liked the slapping action, but I wasn't as amazed as I thought I would be. I guess I'm picky.

Either way, one of the guys at the store I go to approached me about customizing a bass for me, ya know, starting from scratch and building me one however I want.

I've seen some of his work, and he knows his stuff, so I'm not to worried about the quality and stuff, and the pricing is comparable to anything else I'd be getting.

Heres the thing, I play a Schecter Stilleto Custom 4 String, and I havn't come close to finding a bass I like as much as that.
Like, the neck is perfect, the tone is pretty much what I like, the slap action isn't bad at all, and its fits everything I need to do.

What I'm thinking for this custom bass, is

-Maple neck
-I have an idea for paint job and like, hardware and stuff

Everything else I'm sort of lost on honestly, I don't know what kind of pickups I want, or anything like that, basically stemming from lack of knowledge.

Ideas? Suggestions, etc?
Maybe some high end Bartolini soapbars if you like the stilleto.

Im sure if you give him the dimensions for the neck he'll be able to do it the same. What do you have in mind for the body?
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why dont you just have him upgrade your schecter... put new pick ups in if u like it that much
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Get the body and neck from here. Body building is extremely difficult, and I wont even dare try to build a neck with a trussrod. They can paint it what you like and all of that, and you can wire it yourself.
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