Hey UG,

I just started learning music theory and i learned how to put scales together and stuff, but can someone explain how to put it in different places, like across the fretboard lengthwise? Do I just find the same notes in the scale and find them in different places?

Edit: Ok, i figured out how to use the major scale formula (WWhWWWh) to map out the scale on all the positions, but can someone tell me the formula for the pentatonics or tell me where i can find them.

Also, could anyone shed some light on the different modes, I dont really understand them.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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yea thats basically what you do
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Learn the notes on the fretboard.

Learn the notes and intervals of a scale.

Put the two together.

It's that simple, however if you don't already know both those things then it's going to be impossible.
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Actually what I did was learn the notes on the E and A string up to the 12th (because the scale repeats after 12). this is pretty much all you need to know to figure out the rest of the fretboard. I know pretty much every note because I learned the E and the A first. Hope this helps dude.
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There is no EASY way to learn it..so if that's what you were looking for =/
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yup i find theres two way you can learn scales remember the shapes and where to use them on the fretboard or learn the notes in a scale and yes find them all over the fretboard.