I've got 500$ to buy a new amp (upgrading from my epiphone studio 15w) and I need suggestions. I know that Marshall makes a half stack for about 600$ is it worth the money??? Also there isn't a guitar store near me where I can try out any amps so any suggestions would be great. I need a versatile amp that can handle about anything from alt. to metal. My playing style is more alt. though if that matters.

I think you are talking about the MG series half stack and honestly, I would avoid it... For $600 there are alot better options and Im not so sure that from going from a 15 watt combo that you would be ready to jump into a 100 watt half stack... But where are you from??
I'll save you the trouble that most people will scream at you. Not all Marshall amps are good, their most popular (thanks to newbies) range of amps, MG, are terrible, and once your ear for tone has developed you'll agree. Same goes for the Line 6 Spider, although the Spider Valve is supposed to be good quality.

I recommend looking at Vox Valvetronix, Peavey Vypyr and Roland Cube amps. They're all modelling amps, all full of effects, and all great value for money. Just remember to try out before you buy, and don't just buy for the name.
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Alt as in...?

Give us a gain range here.

If you're not gigging you don't need more than 15w solid state, 5 watt tube.
Save your money and save for a nice OD Noise suppressor or EQ
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NO! Avoid SS half stacks always Actually in most cases noone even needs a halfstack.

Get a nice tube Combo, it'll be just as loud, sound better etc.

Try a Bugera 333XL
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