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VH1: Black and White
19 56%
Classic Black, white, and red
15 44%
Voters: 34.
Currently i'm gearing up to do a frankenstrat project but I'm debating an important issue. I'm an avid van halen fan and will always be one but the problem i'm having deciding on is which frankenstrat paint job to do. I'd love to recreate the guitar that recorded eruption like it was when it was going down but I also love the red paint job as much as any other van halen fan does. I can't afford a floyd right now and at the rate I'm at I may be barely able to afford the 1971 quarter (not that i'd need it if I do the black and white one). My question to everyone is should I just do a VH1 style guitar with the standard tremolo and no locking nut but do the classic black, white, and red paint job or do the black and white one and recreate the original VH1 guitar?
I'd do the black and yellow one if I was you, mostly because they're the least common Frankenstrat around.
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I'd do the black and yellow one if I was you, mostly because they're the least common Frankenstrat around.

least common is good...
definately black and white... with the floyd, i like the paint job more and then u get the better trem. etc.
I really can't afford a floyd or a floyd cut body right now and the black and yellow one is rad... but deciding between these are so hard. I love the van halen record (who doesn't) and I guess I would be paying homage to that more than the frankenstrat itself. I dunno... this is why i'm asking for opinions and polls
the black and white looks much better
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If I were you I would wait and save up some more. Sounds like your a big fan and your trying to make a sweet guitar so why cut corners? Just save up a bit more.

I think the red one with reflectors is awesome but I think I would go with the white one just becuase it looks easier to make and seems more functional. Ive never seen the black and yellow one though, that could be cool.
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red one looks better
the white ones okay,
and theres a reason the black & yellow ones the least common,
it looks bad
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guitar ninja I know that the floyd would be awesome but I can't legally get a job and I really have no way to earn money in this town. Believe me, I've tried. Plus even though a floyd would be an amazing upgrade, Eddie didn't need one for eruption, so why should I. I know in later van halen albums it was abundant but maybe that will be another project. I have the feeling that recreating the original black and white would be cool. And the yellow one was a good idea but it was never a huge hit with me. I think we should just let it rest with Dimebag (may he rest in peace).
Why not choose a new colour scheme? If you're not using a floyd, it's not going to be an exact replica anyway, so why not go a bit further and do it in your own favourite colours?

Personally I think the finish is horrible, so I'm not gonna suggest what colours to use!

Just an idea...
Trust me stuartm65, I've done my research. On the original VH1 album, the guitar was originally black and white with a standard fender tremolo, brass nut, maple neck, ash body, 335 PAF humbucker, and a pickguard cut out of a vinyl record. I'm a rabid fan, I can recite this stuff in my sleep. He didn't put the floyd on till after the first record. Seeing as I can't afford the floyd and stuff right now, I thought the best idea was to recreate the original as close as I could.
I just came about a used licenced floyd on ebay for a really good price. If I win it and have a floyd would it be better to do the red and stick with white and black if I don't?
yellow and black heres what i did to my squier

eddie never did any studio work with the guitar or even like it that much but it looks cool
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Yeah i admit that I like the paint job, but something about the original in it's two versions just makes me drool.... with guitar envy.
How about black, white, and kawasaki green?
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Do both . I'm working on a the red, white and black one now...but I'd like to do the others eventually...yeah I'm kind of a fan