Hey UG, I'm still deciding on a new guitar and after last thread I am unsure. Basically what happened last thread was most people telling me to get a custom carvin. So I looked at the site and my favor is shifting towards Carvin. The California Carved Top CC6, to be exact.

So, should I get the Carvin custom made ($1500 USD) or the Fender American Deluxe? ($1200 USD)

Basically, I just need people to reinforce my ideas of Carvin. Are they that good?

Thanks Guys!
Get a Fender, and buy a good amp or pedals if you already have a good amp.
I have Fender HRD.

Oh and I should probably say that I already have a nice partscaster strat.
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Carvin rapes Fender and leaves it for dead in a deep ditch in the middle of nowhere.
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Quote by cohen5250
Carvin rapes Fender and leaves it for dead in a deep ditch in the middle of nowhere.

Your an idiot. Technically your right, but you way exaggerate the difference.

Anyway, Fender makes good guitars, but really, I intend to get a custom Carvin as my next guitar, custom-made specifically for you > stock model from Fender.

In short, definitely the Carvin.

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I have a friend who got a personalized Carvin & loves it.

OK, thanks for the replies so far, keep them coming!

Question: For the California Carved top CC6, is the back natural and only the top dyed/stained?
You can get the front and back or just the front stained, they'll do what you want. Carvins fit my hand better than any other guitar I've ever touched.
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carvin, duh
unless you picked up the fender and found it's perfect in playability/looks
I just finally added a Carvin DC127 to my collection, and I must say it's everything I'd hoped it be.
Every aspect of the guitar is top quality and it came with the lowest action I've ever witnessed without fretting out somewhere.

Ask yourself if those exact specifications on the Carvin are worth 300 extra dollars.

At this point, when you're buying guitars at 1k$+, you almost can't go wrong. If you still need re-assurance on Carvin, they're damn good customs.

Can anyone tell me about the trems they put on the guitars that aren't 7-stringers or Vs?
Everyone I know who has a Carvin loves it.

One day, I shall join their number.
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