Please someone help. Snapped a low E string on my 1972 custom telecaster a couple of months back and as I tried to remove the string from the vintage tuning key (SLOTTED TUNER), a little bit of string snapped off inside the centre hole. I've tried every way i can think of to remove the little bit of string, ie, paper clip, hoover, string end, pin, but the thing won't budge.
Has anyone ever had this problem. If so how did you get it loose.
I'm going crazy not being able to play my favourite electric.
Cheers in advance.
i dont see why the paper clip cant do it, if it doesnt a small screwdriver might
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Needle nose pliers?
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Try pulling the two halves of the slot apart a bit with tools. THen the stuck piece is likely to kind of just fall out.
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Yes, if you can bend it at all. The tuning post is a solid rod of turned steel. If you can bend that without marring it, I'd like to see it. It may be bendable, though, but don't test it.

To get the string out, try using a magnet.
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