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I'm thinking of getting a 6 string, mainly to play Dream Theater and anything similar. I found 2 ESP basses that look good and fit my budget, an LTD B-206 and a D-6. I'm not looking for anything expensive, I'd rather get a fancy amp than a fancy bass. The D-6 is $50 more than the B-206 but I want to know if it's worth that extra 50. Also, the D-6 has a 5 star rating but no actual written reviews on Musician's Friend (or any other site I've looked on) so I'm hoping that someone here owns or has tried one once as there's no store in my area that carries them. So I'm just asking if these are worth the money and if they are, which one I should get.

Here's the links:
i say go for the d-6
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My concern is that the B-206 has an ash body which is my preferred tonewood but the D-6 is Merbau which I have never heard of before so I really have no idea what it sounds like. I tried looking it up but no luck yet.
Hey... Look What I found!

Merbau is another of the great new alternatives to the traditional luthiery species. Merbau is a South Asian and Pacific Island timber which is very hard and dark brown in colour. It has a rich bright ringing tone somewhere between rosewood and ebony and is one of the most stable timbers in the world. These features and the fact it is readily available quarter sawn make it perfect for necks and fretboards, although requires great care during machining.

From http://www.ashcustomworks.com/info.php

BTW, That questions been driving me nuts as well.
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The thing i don't like about the D-6 is the 34" scale. I personally feel that B strings need a 35" scale otherwise they get kinda floppy. Especially if you're gonna down tune them at all.♦♠
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I went with the B-206

The scale is what made it my favorite, the colors ok to.
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I went for the D-6 because it's neck-through.
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What kind of sound does a D-4 get, in terms of brightness and punchiness and everything of that nature? I believe it's also made of Merbau, how does it compare to ash?
I'm having the same issue..with this two
I like the smooth jazz woody solid tone that is awesome for improvising a solo pieces..
so should i take some of this two?
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What kind of sound does a D-4 get, in terms of brightness and punchiness and everything of that nature? I believe it's also made of Merbau, how does it compare to ash?

Well I prefer ash to Merbau. I find ash to be a clearer sounding wood. Though that could be because my ash bass is of better quality than the D-4.
I find the D series to not be particularly punchy but I think that will be more to do with the pick ups than the actual bass or timber.
The bass has an active pre-amp too which helps with the tone but I find it to be better suited to heavier music.
That said however, I have used it in a punk setting which worked quite well.