I've always liked the looks and sounds of Les Pauls but they are extremely expensive and way out of my budget. I've read a ton of good things about the $200 Xaviere Les Pauls and I might go ahead and pick one up. I was also looking at the Agile guitars but I think I'd have to get a $380 3000 to get one comprable to the Xaviere.

Anyway, it looks like the VX-700 is the "thinline" version of the VX-500. Considering I've never played a Les Paul how much different is a thinline vs a standard? The Thinline is $219 vs $209 for the standard. Is the thinline more comfortable? I'm used to playing a strat.

I kind of like the Tobacco sunburst model yet at the same time I like the honeyburst and the lemon drop.

Look at Vintage guitars (the brand)
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