Has anyone got a hold of the dunlop primetone picks? They seem pretty interesting and was wondering of they're worth getting.
I use the super thick 5mm Primetone pick and won't use anything else. I used to use the .5mm Tortex picks. One day I noticed this super thick chunk of black plastic laying on my guitar teacher's desk and asked him what it was. He told me it was a new product that he layed out for people to try. I grabbed it and used it for about a minute and fell in love. He told me to keep it. That was six months ago and I am still using the same one. About an hour a day and it has worn very little. It is great for chords and lead work. Go get a pack of 'em. Keep back-ups...buy stock in 'em.
Cool, thanks man. I'll try to find some since all the guitar centers around me don't like to carry them.