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Stuff comes to us
6 12%
We can take stuff anywhere
4 8%
Probably a mix of both
24 47%
i dunno lol (kickass thread metaldud)
17 33%
Voters: 51.
If you pay attention to technology you will notice how there are things available that can do more than just one thing like the iPhone for example. Now you can take your internetz (almost) anywhere!

But there is also services like Netflix where movies come to you!

Technology is here to make our lives simpler. But how will it make it simpler in the future?

Will goods and services be delivered to us where we simply don't have to go anywhere much?


Will we be able to take our good and services anywhere?

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I look froward to when porn comes to me.
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Both, as depending on the good / service in question, it may need to be portable, or it may need to be delivered.
Supply meets demand, which can be having goods delivered to you or whatever you like.
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I look froward to when porn comes to me.

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Why not both?

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I look froward to when porn comes to me.

ill give that a +1
Call me Jack
it will be delivered to me, then i will take it everywhere
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it's really more about making things as convenient as possible. basically, it will continue both ways, but eventually everything will be so convenient we won't have to leave the comfort of our own homes.
don't quite understand what your asking.. but goods and services can be pretty delivered to us anyway(If u mean like groceries etc.) and you can buy pretty much anything off the internet and have it delivered.

Tbh, I could just live in my house If I didnt go to school.

but perhaps thats the next level; We got virtual teachers or something along those lines, and we get taught from home, therefore meaning no social interaction is needed.

either way, the planets social systems are doomed.

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