Here's a new one I've been working on....figured I'd share it with the rest of you. Let me know what you think@!?

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Do you listen to Disturbed at all? I can hear a little bit of that influence in this...on top of others.

I dunno.

If this was a full recorded track with vocals, I'd probably listen. Not bad.
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whoa man this is turning into the Dream Theater appreciation thread!!! If only every thread kicked this much ass!

You're welcome
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If this was a full recorded track with vocals, I'd probably listen. Not bad.

I like this mate, pretty good leads, catchy at times along with the rhythm, a bit more duel-guitar syncing in the riffs than i care for, but that's just me, so no less brownie points for that

Good work
hell yeahh, i felt kinda weird when at first saw the tuning. but the song is a blast!
i think the chorus could be more melodic. the solo fitted there, it was great, nice transition to the verse again. its a really good song. 9/10
very nice.
at times, i thought it could have been faster, to keep the momentum going, especially in the chorus. Its going to be hard to play live without 4 guitarists... : /
i like the lead in the intro, and the pre chorus, but too much could get irritating. you dont want to turn into Synyster Gates, now...
overall, good song, wack tuning (but the audience dont know that, lol), just make it faster, (or at least speed up the drums) especially during the chorus.
oh and nice solo!
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nice intro, really heavy and nice.

I like the somewhat oriental sound of the prechoruses

The interlude - (Y) very nice. Creative drumming

I first thought track five was supposed to be the vocals... but apparently it's not... i'd be a great vocal melody (except for the solo, heh)

in overall a great song, I'd say make te lead guitar to vocals and you're set! but that's just me...

Great drumming also, intelligent and creative.

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You like it
This song is very well written. Especially the leads and drumming. It fits in very well with the song

The Intro- Very good, excellent job. It got me to listen to the whole thing

Verses- Very interesting, it flowed very well, but you could have changed the leads from verse to verse and it might have sounded a little better

Chorus- very good not much else to say, good job.

Interlude and solo- Awesome, again the flow is very good. sounds disturbedish

outro- awesome makes me want more.

Like someone above said, ery disturbedish, but it sounds more metalcore, disturbed is like hard rock/metal.

crit mine, tools of villany and maybe some of my others
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OK, for some reason it would be better (make more sense) if what you call ''bridge'' was the prechorus and what you call the ''prechorus'' was the bridge (flipping them). Why? because the ''bridge'' builds up more tension than the ''prechorus'' so a lot of tention is built and then you keep building tension but not that much.
Verses and chorus were kinda generic but it is metalcore and i need to understand it, call it something better than an OK.
Liked a LOT the leads.
The solo was not of my musical taste, but it fitted the song, not perfectly, nothing close to perfect actually, but it fitted OK.
For some reason, after the solo, the song was way too FULL, make it a bit more empty by putting the solo somewhere else or by doing something different in that thing after the solo.

Metalcore is not of my liking, but musically 7.5/10
Disturbed is Nu Metal


This was awesome, almost blew my mind.

Bassline was awsome
Leads + Rhythm were great .

What's bad?

I kinda heard a Disturbed / In Flames / "insert metalcore band" influence in this one
Good, tell me when you've recorded it! please!

10 / 10

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This is sooo cool id like to say Reminds me of Disturded and In Flames combined :P (Both one of my favorite bands)

+ :
I love the rhytm and riffs.
Lead guitars own

- :
I dont see anything bad there, i just wanna hear the vocals :P

11 / 10
Intro was cool. Arabic sounding, good old Death Metal. Bridge was pretty cool. Pre-Chorus was nice. Chorus sounded a bit generic, but still really nice. Awesome Drums throughout the whole song. Interlude was really nice. Solo was awesome. You shouldn't use the same structure: V-B-P-C all over. On the whole, awesome song.
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