Im learning to play guitar myself and im wondering which is the best route to go about practice time. Should I make a schedule day by day or make it week by week and have like a goal for what to learn/get batter at that week? I know this is a bit vague but im hoping a more experienced player will understand. Thanks in advance.
You need to practice daily for at least 30 minutes. This is really the bare minimum. Practicing an hour to an hour and a half would be still better. Some concepts take longer than a day or a week to grasp and play. For those items, you just keep working at them until they're mastered. As you'll hear others say, start out slow and don't expect to play lightning speed at first. Start slowly and gradually add speed. Work on chords, scales for lead and solo, and also work on learning the notes on the neck. There's more to learn, but this will keep you busy for a few years. Seriously. It will. Good luck!
I'd also like to add that you'll need to be brutally honest with yourself, and take a step back to really analyze what your weak points are. We all have them, so there's no shame in admitting such.

Attack your weak spots and make that your strictly regimented practice.

Example -

I finally had to come to terms with the fact that I thought I could play the Smoke on the Water solo cleanly at record speed, but I was just deluding myself. I recorded several takes of it over several days and I can hear my sloppiness and mistakes - though sometimes subtle, they are there and make my playing sound self-conscious and strained. I'm taking it back down to 70% speed for a while and sticking there until it's absolutely effortless, then 75%, etc.

It's very important to not rush your practice, either. Once you think you've got something down 100%, hammer it for a while longer. Be it another hour straight, split up over a few days, doesn't matter - once you get that "I've got it" feeling, DON'T stop - cement it!

Good luck -

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they main things and im making this brief because there is another thread a few spaces down dedicated to this same things "A practice routine"

--If you are forgoing learning musical notation (notes and all that jazz)
Then here is how you could structure your lessons.

-Work on pentatonics - for some time- (soloing aspect of guitar playing)
-Full bar chords - (or other open stringed chords could be learned i guess
-A song of your choice - (get a tab from this site or wherever i guess

If your going for a 30ish minute time period do
..thats actually something you'll have to figure out for yourself.

-- above is a nice picture of the 5 pentatonic scales. the top middle one should start on g.. on the low E string.
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JOhn Y do the pentatonic scales start at a specific place or as long as the sequence is followed you can begin anywhere? it`s just the above example doesn`t say
yes all six strings buzz !! but it`s unique isn`t it
You can play the scale anywhere and it will sound good- as long as you keep the same shape.

To get Specific:

The key that you are soloing in is decided by the fret that the first pentatonic scale starts on.

So if you start the 1st pentatonic on fret 3, then you will be soloing- or playing the scale - in "G", because on the low E string, the 3rd fret is G. - If you start the 1st pentatonic scale on the 5th fret, you'd be soloing in "A".

Just read what i typed and look at this picture if you are still confused-

The scales all fit together, so if you want to play the 2nd pentatonic scale in the key of "G". Start with the first pentatonic there, and then move up to where the 2nd one starts

[This will probably only make sense if you know the scales and how 1 2 3 4 and 5 fit together progressively.

here’s a pic. on how they all fit together- If you know the patterns it should make more sense..

-Hopefully that helps
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I don't think you need a specific time schedule or anything. I just pick my guitar up whenever I feel like playing and I play for as long or as short as I want. Sometimes I play for only twenty minutes, other times I play for a two hours. It all just depends on if I am feeling the groove or not.
I`m in the same position as you shazda , i don`t have a long term goal , in that i`ve no plans to become a rock star or want to be in a band , if i improve enough say over the next 5 years i`d like to go and play at an open mike night at a local pub but that`s about it
yes all six strings buzz !! but it`s unique isn`t it
Practise daily, and practise whenever you can. You'll definitely improve quite a lot.
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