ok is there any reason why UG hasnt accepted the 7 different tabs ive put up over the past 10 days, even though they all have 3 or 4 positive votes?
48 hours to accept your tab my ass .

there is also a backlog of like 3000 tabs...


come here, shoulder cookie.

"georgeow.. i'd bow down to your tabs but they broke
my face with goodness. and somehow that means i cant..."

top 500 tabbers here i come.
I think you answered your own question.
To me:
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In fact, I almost ALWAYS agree with YourDad.

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One of the best replies ever.

In the same thread

Do you love Arsis?
They're still on break.

Tomorrow/Today [depending on your timezone, I'm talking about Monday] things should be back to normal.

The UG team needs a holiday vacation here and there too, you know. Instead of drinking and working, they get to drink without working.
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its been christmas and new year.
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Clearly, they're partying.
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Clearly, they're partying.

yep, there they are... i don't think they left that bar yet... they got there on 12/24/08
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yep, there they are... i don't think they left that bar yet... they got there on 12/24/08

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1 - Holiday until the 5th

2 - Questions about tab status go here:
WTF? Where is my tab?!?!

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