i am looking for some good smooth acoustic songs or some really nice headbanging fast metal...anyone got any songs that would be good let me know
if you want to go for fast metal, check out pull harder on the strings of your martyr by trivium... for acoustic, def tears in heaven or whatever by eric clapton
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but seriously, by fast metal do you mean like motorhead or slayer for example?
if u want both smooth acoustic parts and nice headbanging parts in one song....
check out This Love, Cemetery Gates, Floods and bunch of other songs by em

other good headbanging metal songs ..... hmm ...... there's a lot, u gotta say what type u want.... death, black, thrash, etc etc
doesnt matter..something that i can jam to..something like emmure,impending doom..or something thats really heavy
Holy Wars by Megadeth! great thrash song, sick acoustic solo.
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For fast metal I would have to go with anything by Veil of Maya. Namely It's Not Safe to Swim Today, and Mark the Lines. Some other metal would be Cursing Akenaten by After the Burial. Incantations of the Apprentice by Symphony X.

I dunno if you'd consider it acoustic, but Accolade by Symphony X. For a good mix of acoustic and metal The Odyssey by Symphony X (if you're ok with a 24 minute song >>
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