im looking to soundproof a small room that echoes pretty bad. ive seen studio foam but are there any other alternatives? would everyday flat foam work?
for soundproofing, you need mass, think blankets (tons) and carpet scraps. you can pull them out of the dumpster behind carpet stores. the best thing is to get mattresses and put them up against the walls.
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You've got a problem with what's called Standing Waves. What you need to do is inexpensively reduce them. This can be done with furniture. It can also be done with a throw rug, especially if the floor is hardwood. You can also throw a couple of tapestries on the wall. This can also be in the form of a decorative rug. One of the sheepskin rugs hung on the wall will give you a unique look and also help to deaden the room.
my friend brandon used to use the cardboard fron the 36 count egg carton. it seemed to work okay...
In my rape room, I staple like 3 or 4 layers of those bed foam things.

They are shaped like egg cartons, they're foam, they go on beds... you know. Yeah.
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i saw somewhere that egg cartons do a good job of soundproofing. you just use the bottom of it and glue it on to the wall. i realize that this sounds really ghetto but hey its a possible alternative
im not a master of soundproofing or anything
but i think if it echoes bad, try getting one of those acoustics enhancer padding ...
once again, i dont know too much abt hall acoustics etc... but yeah, oh also, i think to make it sound less like **** (not implying that where u play now sounds like ****, but if it does), turn down the bass frequencies that helps.......
the main reason it echoses is that the room is pentagon shape not cubeical. i think were are going to try thick fabrics covering the room. hey we wanted a green screen anyways so why not a green room
actually, a pentagonal room with none of the walls parallel is better- parallel walls can produce standing waves which can either amplify or cancel the sound wave depending on if theyre in phase.

also, what everyone else said about rugs and furniture and whatnot