I have finally managed to get enough pedals to have a somewhat decent pedal board, and I've messed with the order a bit, and my order seems a bit odd, so I wasn't sure if there would be a better way to set it up.

Right now, the set up is

Amp--Boss Limiter Enhancer--Fender Tuner--Boss Overdrive--Morley Bass Wah--Bass

Ive noticed that I seem to get more wah(without distortion) when it is last, and more wah(with distortion) when it comes before the overdrive.

If there are any suggestions for a better order, help would be much appreciated.

Also, I wasnt sure if it was okay to put this in the bass forum, but you guys seem nice, so I figured id get the best help here.
put the tuner first, and then try the wah before and after the overdrive, and see which way you like better.
Okay, I was thinking that the tuner would probably be better off first instead of the middle, and ill try to mess with the wah, and overdrive.
If it's anything like guitar pedal effects then it should be...

Amp-->Boss Limiter-->Boss OD-->Wah-->Tuner-->Bass

Which isn't too much different from your setup. And the wah should come after the OD, because usually if you put it before, it sucks your signal.

I like my tuner last, because I use it to mute my signal in my rig. But you should have it first or last. But sometimes when you but it first and have a OD/Dist. on it gives some hum.
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I had noticed that with the wah before, the tone of the distortion changed, so it almost sounded muffled, which is kind of good for some of the songs I play, but I guess it probably is better off after.