my band has been recording but we're having problem with volume. Basically everything comes out really low. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get more volume without clipping. We're using kind of crappy mics, a tascam four track, and sonar 6.
Your tascam will have a preamp. Better mics for sure, get it as loud as possible and then set the master as high as you can without clipping on mixdown.
Yeah, seperate would be ideal. The problem with that is that our head phones are crap and it was really hard to get the timing right so we tried recording all the instruments at once. It works and sounds fine just really low even after normalizing. I'm just looking for some tips on raising volume post-recording. We use cakewalk sonar 6.
Yeah, pre-amps I haven't thought of that before. I'll have to look at the tascam next time we practice.
Quote by Tempoe
Better mics for sure

amen to that!!!

and i have no experience with Sonar 6, so im sorry, but i cant help you there, but yeah turn up the vol on the 4track
if anything, just use the 4 track for the bass and drums, and record guitars through line-in
thats what i usually do....
(the song Jingle Bells Of Death on my page was recorded that way.... )
record everything as loud as you can, then try compressors and stuff..

it's also going to sound quieter until you master it
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Cool, thanks everyone for the input. So when we record as loud as we can would it be a good idea to ignore clipping and then try to get it down with compressor later? Also I notice that the wave form seems to be a bit below the 0db mark (more than it's supposed to be anyway).
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record everything as loud as you can

i tried that before, and my speakers nearly blew up when i played the thing
plus... if u record everything at max, u usually get a crackling sound which doesnt go away even after 3 layers of compression!! (but that was recording through line in)