Hi, I have been playing the guitar for about 3 months and am just beginning to see major development in my skills. (I have learned a few songs that I used to say were impossible) So I am really interested in improving my skills, but I feel like I'm musically retarded. Well, not completely, but I don't know that much about the composition of music and I think that if I did, it would help me to learn easier.

SO about now I can play a few Incubus and Tool songs and some other bands like Disturbed. But I need to know what I need to learn... I mean if I want to understand music better, what should I start learning?

For instance people have said to learn the pentatonic scale, which I will (if I should).
But what else should I learn? Well actually, where should I start?

I can play a few complicated solos, but I musically have no idea what's going on, should I start by learning chords? If so, which, etc

tl;dr - I need to learn about music (chords, scales, etc) where should I start?

Please don't say google it (unless you're telling me to google something specific like the pentatonic scale)

how chords work, scales (solos are scales), theory helps, but its not important. note/chord names are the most important the other stuff you dont HAVE to know but its nice too
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You can check the FAQ :P
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