My 3rd or 4th song I think.
Crit. welcome :]

Where were you last night
Where were the stars that used to shine so bright
I’m not going down
Oh not without a fight

We can get away together
Watch the streetlights pass us by
And every night
We’ll sleep under the stars that burned so bright

I’ll paint a picture of us together
On a canvas fashioned from feathers
They’ll float away
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe today
What I’d give to say these things with a purpose.
A purpose long passed lost

Who’s to say this wasn’t real?
And who am I to say it was
I forgot what it is to feel.
You’ll always be dead to me
But never unforgiven

Where’s the bridge that burned that day.
And who are we to say
That this had to happen
Your compassion is a structure of stone.
Your sympathy is nothing more than brittle bone
I’ve lost sight of what was an excuse for a home
Your sympathy was just brittle bone.
Brittle bone.
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