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Back to school tomorrow. Anyone else? Or am I the only lucky one to have to go back on a monday?
Goin back on Tuesday.
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I have to back too, considering I basically hibernated over break it'll be interesting.
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Jan 25, but I'm in college
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Going back on monday too. As in the 19th, sukka.

Who am I kidding, I miss school .
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you're no where near alone, i'm goin tomorrow too.
It sucks.

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Going back on monday too. As in the 19th, sukka.

Who am I kidding, I miss school .

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Goin back on Tuesday.

Same for me.

It's gonna be lame.
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tomorrow for me
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I have to go back tomorrow as well.

And of course I didn't do any of my homework so now I have to read the entire play Othello, write an essay about it and study for my Physics unit final which my brilliant teacher so kindly scheduled for the day we get back, all in about the next 5 hours.
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You'll love being out of high school for just that reason.

I'm in college...going back the 19th.
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whoa man this is turning into the Dream Theater appreciation thread!!! If only every thread kicked this much ass!

You're welcome
Tomorrow its gonna be awesome wen i have to wake up at 6:30 to catch my bus and i dont think ive woken up before 11 the entire break lol
Yeah me too. Working on a sociology report due tomorrow as we speak lol
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yea I'm back tomorrow

but luckily the way my schedule works in my school I don't have to worry about homework because the classes I had it in I don't have until tuesday...

love block scheduling. 2 days with 4 different classes each, cept because I'm smart I have 3 study halls and don't have to actually go to school until like 9:15 every day.
I get to go back tomorrow to learn

But i get off again in like 2 weeks because of Obama being inaugurated and all
I'm glad it's tomorrow, I'm getting bored.
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I'm in university and have to go back tomorrow too...
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Back to school tomorrow. Anyone else? Or am I the only lucky one to have to go back on a monday?

Me to.
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Ya, Tomorrow for me too. I had almost two weeks off this year though, last year I had only 10 days off, and I had 6 days off before break from an ice storm. over a hundred lines down, I had no power for the whole time. I sat and stared at my amp most of the time. So I pretty much had most of the month of December off, could be worse.

Oh, who am I kidding, I'm gonna cry myself to sleep
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rock rock Rock n' roll highschool
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rock rock rock n' roll high school


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I'm headed back tommorow too
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I go back Tuesday. Someone please explain that logic?
Back on the 12th, for finals!

We have three days of finals are the end of each semester, but we had snow days for two of them.

Now we get to go back for finals! Wait ****, wait I got my math final out of the way.

I don't care High School is way too damn easy.
Tommorow's gonna be so fucking Iame.

I only have 5 more minutes to be on the computer because of this fucking "bedtime".

I hate school.
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