Here's my top 50:

50: Laurence Olivier - Richard III
49: Gene Wilder - Young Frankenstein
48: Russell Crowe - The Insider
47: Gregory Peck - To Kill a Mockingbird
46: Johnny Depp - Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
45: Dustin Hoffman - Midnight Cowboy
44: Johnny Depp - Edward Scissorhands
43: Heath Ledger - Brokeback Mountain
42: Kevin Spacey - The Usual Suspects
41: Samual L. Jackson - Pulp Fiction
40: Robert Duvall - Tender Mercies
39: Humphrey Bogart - The Maltese Falcon
38: Ralph Fiennes - Schindler's List
37: Malcolm McDowell - A Clockwork Orange
36: Robert De Niro - The Godfather: Part II
35: Robert De Niro - Cape Fear
34: James Dean - East of Eden
33: Terrence Howard - Hustle and Flow
32: Phillip Seymour hoffman - Capote
31: Liam Neeson - Schindler's List
30: Daniel Day-Lewis - My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown
29: James Cagney - Yankee Doodle Dandy
28: Denzel Washington - Malcolm X
27: Laurence Olivier - Hamlet
26: Tim Curry - It
25: George C. Scott - Patton
24: Daniel Day-Lewis - In the Name og the Father
23: Marlon Brando - A Streetcar Named Desire
22: Orson Welles - Citizen Kane
21: Kevin Spacey - American Beauty
20: Marlon Brando - Last Tando in Paris
19: Al Pacino - Scarface
18: James Stewart - It's a Wondeful Life
17: Morgan Freeman - The Shawshank Redemption
16: Jack Nicholson - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
15: Joe Pesci - Goodfellas
14: Al Pacino - The Godfather
13: Al Pacino - Dog Day Afternoon
12: Humphrey Bogart - Casablanca
11: James Dean - Rebel Without a Cause
10: Daniel Day-Lewis - Gangs of New York
9: Peter O' Toole - Lawrence of Arabia
8: Robert De Niro - Taxi Driver
7: Marlon Brando - On the Waterfront
6: Marlon Brando - The Godfather
5: Daniel Day-Lewis - There Will Be Blood
4: Al Pacino - The Godfather: Part II
3: Robert De Niro - Raging Bull
2: Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight

. . .

1: Anthiny Hopkins - The Silence of the Lambs

What's yours?
Jenna Jameson - The Entire Works of Jenna J.
If I took this cigarette and put it out on you...

...would you love me?
Hugh Laurie.
New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

Chasing Fortune And Fame
Ryan O'Neal in Tough Guys Don't Dance.


Gets me everytime.
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You disgust me.

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bro u are definately gay

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A backstabbin' bitch who calls himself the 'oracle'?

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UG loves me so much. Do you?

Jack Nicholson - The Shining

I think that may be his best(second best) performance.
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A kid took a fetal pig during pig dissection, put a napkin on it as a cape, wrote "super pig" on it, then threw it out the window onto the greenhouse below, yelling "super pig, blast off!". He failed the pig lab
Me, pretending to care.

That or Christopher Walken in pretty much anything.
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