Hey hows it going UG? this is kind of a low quality thing done in a friends shed. the drums sound crap and the vocals are not great and out of tune, the guitar is over the top, but oh well its supposed to be grunge right? please have a listen, don't expect it to be pretty, its rough and raw, but I'll make a better quality version when i can get into the college studio. oh and if you didn't guess, its my big soppy man-love tribute to Kurt Cobain, like a whinny little emo would make, but i genuinely feel sad about him not being alive anymore
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If you want to play some emo music, I recommend using these settings:

Gain: 0
Bass: 0
Mid: 0
Treble: 0

Master Volume: 0

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It sounds like it could be a Nirvana song (except for the solo), which is what you were going for, I'm guessing. Pretty good.