Looks too fake, I think guitars should be 'loved' by their respectable owners and not the factory.
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well, i think thats awesome. ive been waiting to do that outside of the custom shop.

the reason that fender started relic'ing guitars, is because they offered keith richards a sig tele. He said, "no thanks, i dont like new guitars," and jokingly, he continued, "can you make me an old guitar?"
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I think buying a pre-worn guitar is a bit weak. But that's just me.
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why spend an extra grand just to have it look like an old ass guitar you can find in the trash somewhere?
i think they look cool but like mr.camo said they should be worn out by the owner not the factory, this is the same reason i dont buy jeans with holes in them. i have enough pair with holes that I wore in them i dont need to buy a new pair that has holes in the knees
Because some people like relic'd guitars, don't have the money to go custom shop.

I hate you "age your guitar on your own" purists, that's like saying "age your own wine!".
Some people want the end results in the beginning.
Thats such a lame idea. Think about it, your paying top dollar for a new guitar that already loooks used? They have that already, its called used and itll cost you less, and as the other guy said, the guitar should earn that wear & tear.
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pointless. just give me a regular fender and an hour.
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