Just found out I'm getting one as a gift, and it's in the mail. While I've got 4 days till it gets here, when it comes outta the box, what should I be looking to do with all those wonderful little knobs and buttons?

Also, can I use it to bypass the crappy preamp section of my Bheringer head by plugging my bass into the Sansamp and running it's output in to the effects return jack on my head?
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Yes you can use it to bypass the crappy preamp section of your head. I have the pedal version of the RBI and I bypass my amps preamp asweel. Just stick into the return jack. As for settings, it all depends on what you want. My tone is fairly growly with quite abit of distortion. Mine is like; level - whatever I need it for as its only volume, blend - full, treble - 11:00, bass - 12:00, drive 1:00, presence - full. Now I know you have a mid knob aswell, mine doesn't but thats why I use a Boss EQ pedal. You may want to put in alittle mid as you may be left out of the mix. Other than that just mess around, you will find lots of neat tones with that thing and I'm sure the preamp will come with an instruction manual containing some settings of its own as my pedal did.
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