so my band has a gig in less then a week but the problem is my "band" cosists of just me (guitar) and the drummer. We need a bassist and a vocalist, and a second guitarist would be nice but not necessary. we've had a couple of friends tell us they could do the vocals and guitar but they havent shown up to practice yet. so we still need half a band and in less than two weeks we can probably only get in 2-3 practices. we're a highschool garage band but the people we know are either not reliable, don't play the same style of music as us, or suck.

also we have a half hour time slot but we only have two songs. (we have more but we have to use our softer songs because we were told they don't want us to play metal)

its starting to look like we're gonna have to back out of this gig, which i really dont want to do. so how do i find more reliable musicians and about how many songs do we need for a half hour slot?
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It would be best to back out of the gig because you dont even have a full band yet, and even if you did manage to get a group of musicians together you would have very little practice.

As for finding musicians to play with you just do the usual, ask around, post fliers, put an add up on kijiji or craigslist.

You should probably have 5 or 6 songs prepared for a half hour time slot depending on the length of each song and the length of which you singer interacts with the audience.

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Moral -

Never book a gig when you DON'T HAVE A DRUMMER OR BASSIST.

Why would you do that? If you keep doing this, nobody is going to book you after a point.
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thanks for the advice
i forgot to mention we didnt book the gig. the drummer's drum teacher just gave it to us. so if backing out of the gig is the best thing to do i now have to convince the drummer that and he's stubborn. our other option is to just go and play the songs we have including the metal ones with just the guitar and drums.
Is your name Mike? Do you want to be everyone's friend? Do you look similar to lots of other people? If so click here

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Fucking win S&R!
I've been there. In an old band of mine, our bassist quit 2 weeks before our first gig. We had to scramble to find a guy who could fill in. Through our 2 years together, this happened several times. By the time we broke up, we were on bassist #6.
Cancel the gig. It's better to not do it than to do it half assed. And in the future, don't book gigs until you are ready, i.e., a full lineup, and enough songs to cover the allotted time.
First off they have no right telling you that you couldn't play metal, if I played full out metal I would have told them to **** off if they said that to me.

And your drummer shouldn't have accepted the gig if he knew the band didn't have a bassist or vocalist.

Back out of the gig now.
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NEVER book a gig without

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    Well if you manage to get the basist you can just play a bunch of punk songs, they are meant to be played badly.
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    Dude, just pull out of the gig as soon as possible.
    Look at it from the gig organiser's point of view, by leaving it until later to cancel (let's face it, there's practicaly no chance that you are gonna find half a band and have a half hour set worked out in time for the gig) you are gonna leave him in the position of having to find a last minute replacement, and gig organisers are the last people you wanna be pissing off.
    It'd be a shame to get a bad rep before you've even played.