If there's a huge thread about tone sorry but I have to go so. I'm playing on a Schecter C1. My amp only has 4 settings: Bass, Treble, Gain and Middle. What is the best way to imitate slash's sound? Thanks. Oh and should the tone on my Schecter be at max or lowest since lowest sounds the most mellow kinda but less meaty.
This is from the ultimate settings thread:

Slash of Guns N' Roses
Gain - 6.5
Treble - 4.5
Mid - 7
Bass - 7

Oh, and Slash loves the neck pickup, so keep that in mind while you're working on the tone. And for the power chords right before the solo, use the bridge pickup, and then switch back to the neck for the solo.

EDIT: Removed the presence setting to clear up confusion.