(Don't worry I'm getting a new guitar soon so don't mention that)

I need a really versatile amp. I'm not in a band so I'm not too worried about being really loud (30-50 watt solid state/ 15w tube is fine), but I play basically every style. Indie, Classic Rock, Jazz, (sometimes)Metal, etc. So I need a versatile amp that can take pedals well, so which amp is good for anything in a 600 dollarish budget?
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try a fender blues jr.
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GASing for:
Vox V847
take a look at a used peavey classic 30
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i second the classic 30

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

get a silverface bassman. you can find one with a cab for about $400. it takes pedals very well.

actually, maybe you can find an old SF deluxe reverb, although those are hard to come by, it would be more up your alley as far as wattage goes.
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