Besides Gibson, Epiphone, and Ibanez? Are there any better ones out there or are these the best ones?
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You want the best Les Paul shaped guitar possible?
Go to a custom guitar builder.
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I believe gibson and epiphone are the only companies that actually make them...
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Orville, Heritage and Tokai.

Also Agile, Edwards and Greco.
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Besides Gibson, Epiphone, and Ibanez? Are there any better ones out there or are these the best ones?

Am I the only person actually reading the first post?

asides from the MIJ ones, esp tokai theres also the PRS singlecut, expensive as hell but your paying for the PRS name as well like the gibson name

PRS SE singlecut is respectable tho
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ESP makes some, I was pleasantly surprised by how they played and sounded too, being an ESP hater.
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Theres a few Lawsuit era les pauls out there left, that are Very high quality, Mostly the fujigen ones (Ibanez Mann Raven) There are Mann knock offs though, They wont have MOP inlay on the head stock and they're made of plywood and cedar with a white painted wooden nut...
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I have a Tokai Love Rock, and I've played an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and I would say the Tokai is better (yeah I'm biased but hey, who isn't?). The problem with Epiphones is that they are made to be worse than the Gibsons so that people will buy those models. If you buy from a different brand, you'll be buying the best that that guitar can be.
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japanese copies are good. quite a range of models though, you need to be careful you aren't paying high-end prices for lower-end models. in addition to those already mentioned, bacchus/momose/deviser, navigator etc. would be worth a look.

http://www.guitarsjapan.com/about.html (scroll to the bottom and there are links to a bunch of different japanese brands with descriptions- bear in mind those descriptions are that guy's opinion, but from what i've read so far it seems pretty good)

gordon smith makes some nice guitars too, the cosmetics aren't always that amazing, though, it pays to try the one you're going to buy (much like gibson).

also custom builds, as someone else said.

depends how close you want it to be to a LP, if you just want a singlecut-style guitar, your options go up exponentially.
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AGILE!!!!!!!! Great, great quality, playability, and sound. The best overall value, and the highend Agiles are said, to get near Gibson quality.
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