Hey there, I'm new to the forum, and to bass since ive only been playing a couple of months, so sorry if this is a total noob question.

Treated myself to a new amp for christmas, a Laney RB3, and I'm having a bass big muff delivered in a few days, and was just wondering what the proper way to set the pedal up was.

Should I be using the fx loop (now that I actually have an amp that has this option lol) to wire the pedal or should I just go guitar - pedal - amp like I used to when I had the crappy amp and my 'tester' distortion pedal (Behringer.... lol).

If I should be just keeping the same system I was using before what should the FX send and return sockets on the amp be used for?

Again, sorry if this is me being stupid, go easy on me
An answer from the first person that read the post, gotta respect that!

Thanks a lot dude, now I just gotta wait to actually try the muff out.
I have is a dunlop bass blow torch and a EBS bass chorus and a behringer hell babe wah and i find the distortion and chorus sound best thru the loop while the wah wah sounds best between the guitar and amp its the way they mod the sound some should be working before the sound even gets to the amp
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Nice choice on the big muff. Those things are beasts. I find with my amp its best to go wire it before the eq but that's because my effects loop hums for an unknown reason.