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After you die?

I don't really plan on dieing anytime soon...But I definitely think I want to be buried.

What about you?

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It's going to burn in hell

EDIT: Cremated.

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Buried probably. Hopefully adorable micro-organisms will break down the carbon in my body and create a rich silty-loamy soil where vegetables will be grown and later ingested by unsuspecting people. Then when they're not looking, WHAM! Hepatitis B!
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after seeing Seven Pounds, I really want to donate some organs.

and then I hope to be cremated, if they do that whole take the goods and get rid of the body sort of thing.
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It'd be fun being burned.
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might as well donate. I won't be needing it.
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haven't really thought about it....but I guess I would want to be cremated.

if my body was buried, I wouldn't want to know what it's like coming back as the undead if there was a future zombie attack
I am going to be an organ donor, but anything that isn't donated I wish to be cremated, or eaten, I can't decide.
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I want my body placed on a boat, filled with treasure.
I want said boat set on fire, then set adrift into the ocean.
Viking style.
I'll do it up like a big party, have everyone come and get smashed and send my body off to sea.

*oh damn, imdeth beat me to it.
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Donated... I'm sure someone else will need my organs when I'm done with them... It would be a nice way to die knowing that you will possibly be saving someone's life.
Viking funeral

after my organs have been donated
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Viking Funeral for sure. or a massive Party where my ashes get shot up in fireworks.
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Actually come to think of it, I don't want a Viking funeral like I mentioned earlier. I want to be cremated. Once I'm cremated, I want my ashes to be ground up into powder and snorted by my friends and family.
I'm on organ donor, so all my good stuff will get taken, then I want to be stuffed and used in elaborate pranks by my family to scare people.
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Actually come to think of it, I don't want a Viking funeral like I mentioned earlier. I want to be cremated. Once I'm cremated, I want my ashes to be ground up into powder and snorted by my friends and family.

You're not related to Keith Richards, are you?
i wanna be used for necrophilia purposes

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I'm gonna get raped by a necrophiliac that works at the cemetery.

Oh and I wanna donate organs, I don't really plan on using them after I die.
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Research, or to be attempted to be resurrected through robotics...I would gladly have a robot body.
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Aww, don't tell me it's already been thought of...

Sorry bub, Keith Richards snorted his father's ashes first.
I want to be taken to a taxidermist and stuffed into the legendary Jimmy Page pose with a double neck SG and placed in my living room.
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dying hurts

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Unless I have a pretty nasty death, I'd like to be buried.
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i'll probably just have it buried. but maybe i'll get cremated. i haven't really thought about it before. either way is fine with me actually. i'm dead so whatever.
Since Keith Richards apparently stole my idea, I've thought of a new one.

I want to be buried in the forest and have a tree planted over my grave. Its roots will take nutrients from my corpse and I will thus be one with nature.
I'm going to have it ground up to the consistency of hamburger meat and shot from a cannon over a large, unsuspecting crowd.
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Donated, castrated and cremated.

Although I really don't care all that much. I would like to donate my organs and try to help out if I can, but as far as I'm concerned I'll be dead so they can do whatever the hell the want with my body.
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