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There's been sooo many threads done on this; I don't even wanna hear that you used the searchbar. Staring at it and giggling does not count.
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tell him that he is the drummer and that his opinions are invalid

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two hours is too long to watch to come up with a good answer.

but the first four minutes suggests neither genius or reality, only stupidity.

EDIT: seriously, it's just another wacko claiming to have contact with aliens. how is this different from any other random dude that's created a backstory for the 'aliens' he saw in his head? He doesn't even try to offer proof, he just spouts off this random stuff that sounds like a hodgepodge of various theories about galaxies.
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Notice how when he's talking about his interaction with the aliens he's constantly looking to the right.


The field of NLP also observed that, depending on the conversation's context, the position of someone's eyes can give you clues of where her words are "coming from".

Put simply…

- Looking to their right or up and to their right:
-->Using their imagination - watch out for exaggeration of the truth or for complete lies.

- Looking down and to their right, or to their left, or up and to their left:
-->Using their memory - they are being honest and truthful.

- Looking down and to their left:
-->Deep in thought.

Edit: By the way, I do believe that life outside of earth exists. There's even a small chance that this guy is telling the truth. It's much more likely that he's made everything up and is doing it for the publicity/money.
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It sounds like he's being interviewed by Napoleon Dynamite...

And the guy seems fake to me.
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