im looking for a good 4 port recording interface to connect into my computer hopefully in the 200-300 price range. Any suggestions?
Do you have both firewire and USB on your computer? Also to get that many inputs it will be in the 350+ range unless you are looking for line in inputs and not 4 mic inputs.
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im unsure if i have a fire wire but i do have USB, and whats the difference between mic ports and line inputs?
Well, Mic ports have pre-amplifiers in them (Which you need, if you will be using microphones)
Line inputs are just standard line-in jacks that do nothing whatsoever to the signal they receive (Say, connecting a drum machine or something of the sort)
well right now i have a M-Audio preamp along with 2 mics so would it be better for me to buy an interface with just line inputs?