This is a poem I wrote a few years back and I just found while cleaning out some boxes.
A dear friend of mine asked me to define her with a single word and this was born from it.
I would love to hear some feedback on it.

So there is this girl,
and she asked me to describe her in a single word.
Dismantling an atomic bomb would've been easier.
Because, you see, this girl is different.
She isn't bound to one word.
Its like trying to define life in one word, but
there is no way to sum it up.
So, what to do?
She is WhamBamEverything.
I don't believe there is even a word,
to describe the word that she is.
Perfection? Goddess-esque? Divinity in motion?
I'll let you decide,
because, meet her and you'll see,
she is more awesome and amazing, than you'll ever be.

I could write of her eyes, that shine like the moon on a cloudless, August night,
but that would only make the stars jealous.
I could write of her heart, that is so big, she could put hippies in the 70s to shame,
but that might make people sad, because they don't know her.
I could write of her talent, talent so great, she could do anything wanted,
but that would make people sad, because they don't have her talent.
I could write of her beauty, that makes the most beautiful sun seem dull,
but that would make the most beautiful flowers jealous.
I will instead, write to her as a whole,
You are the best of life, and make the rest of life envious,
but with your love and compassion, we forgive and love you in return.

I could not write of love without knowing it,
just as you could not write of France from a Roman hill.
but it makes no difference to me because I know love, so well fit
love from that girl, so singularly unique, a most astute will,
that everything she does is as magic as the river that flows.
but writing of love is not the answer my goal,
of descriptive poetry, and prose.

That girl is magic, nobody can see,
that she lights up my world, from head to toe.
A quick mind so pure that it sets me free,
With an aura so bright, she seems to glow.
I can't define her with a single word,
I can't define her with a trillion more.
She is everything and thats all there is.

You are so important to me,
and I hope that maybe this can be,
a beacon of light to help you see,
that nothing is better than you and me.

Looking into the moonlight's pale rays,
I would like nothing more than for we to be together.
because looking out into all the space above my head,
I can't help but dream.
I can't help but wish to dance with you in that pale moonlight.
Our faces a glow as our shadows, intertwined, mimic our every move.
There isn't any sound, just the music of life,
life in you and me.
life under that pale moonlight's rays.

One word that you are,
could not possibly exist,
So I'll call it love.

French, from participle of flamboyer to flame
1:Characterized by waving curves suggesting flames
2:Marked by or given to strikingly elaborate or colorful display or behavior