well before i make my crit.. *i watched the 1st 10 seconds so far, and its buffering* you sound alot like that dude from transformers!

okay I'll edit this when I finish watching it and give you a crit

edit: that was amazing man!!! do you have a CD out or something!? If not, you need to make one. I would buy it. When you started singing I was like
Great melody,
great voice, nothing to crit.
"My jedi powers are far more superior than yours"
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Hey man this is nice!

I really liked it. Liked the playing and the lyrics. Nice flow, liked the section before the last "tonight we're alive". Cool stuff!
I don't know much about singing since I just started myself, so I don't really know what advice to give on the vocals.

From the perspective of a listener I think it's good. Your vocals sound excellent. The only thing that would make it better is a more quality recording.
wow seriously? thats awesome. I don't have a CD, I wish I could get recognized lol. For now Ill just put stuff on youtube I guess. I really appreciate the crit -- the vocals came loud and clear, you could understand me?

Keep me posted if you put any new stuff up. I liked your song and itd be good for walking to class.
^ yeah seriously, you got some talent man. and yeah I could understand you perfectly.

Except mine's not really a song you know, just kinda fooling around and jamming. But you man, that's some sweet song writing. I'd love to hear more of your stuff, keep em coming!
"My jedi powers are far more superior than yours"