A few summers ago I took a tour of the C. F. Martin guitar factory in Pennsylvania and was blown away by it all. Their lobby had a plethora of guitars to noodle around on and I absolutely fell in love with their Alternative II model resonator. I forgot about it until I went to guitar center and played a Dobro which was pretty sweet. Now the Martin resonator is discontinued and can be bought for a hot grand at the very least. Has anyone any experience with resonators enough to give me an idea of who makes some good ones other than these two brands?
i like the resonator sound as well.. did you play it with a slide, or with your fingers?

yeah....... i have always wanted one.. just like i've always wanted a 12 string.. just too poor...

i have no idea what brands make good resonator guitars or if the brand even really matters when it comes to resonators....

so i guess i'm interested too!
Yeah I just had the chance to play the two guitars with fingers. The sound was such an old-time jangly blues that it was awesome. I can't even imagine them with a slide. I figure though that the way the resonators are played are different between slide and fingers, given the action on the two guitars I played seemed low.

I just wish I knew which companies had good resonators. I've seen the Dobro brand made by Gibson I'm quite sure, and Epiphone and Fender have them of course. This Martin Alternative II Resonator with the brushed aluminum top would be my dream guitar however.
idk which ones make good resonators, but i understand your feeling
i played a Dean made resonator at my guitar center a few months back and that is the sweetest blues sound ever.

the action was pretty low on this one too, so not ideal for slide, at least not stock

Id say just play around with as many as you can find =] and buy whatever you like
Michael Messer is the way to go! http://www.michaelmesser.co.uk/

Seriously brilliant instruments. Although unsure as to whether they ship to the USA.

You don't have to play resonators with a slide exclusively, many ragtime and piedmont guitarists used them for the additional volume.

It's difficult to change the action, to make it lower is a job for a pro, and making it higher is a job for a pro, but you'll also need a new saddle, which is connected to the cone (80% sure on that).
^ Hey Gus, nice to see you outside the Blues Forum.

National Guitars make some outstanding instruments. You could check them out, although they are expensive.
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That michaelmesser website sells guitars? I've always wanted one of those steel bodied fender's for some reason... found one on ebay for $200 once but was outbid by .50 cents.

I've never heard of anyone playin' a dobro with just their fingers though... thought about it

and if were linking artists... i love this guys slide playing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg6xI6jCQ-4

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^ Hey Gus, nice to see you outside the Blues Forum.

National Guitars make some outstanding instruments. You could check them out, although they are expensive.

Hey man

I get around a bit, but only really post if I'm sure I can help a bit.

And yeah MM's site does sell guitars, it's on the left handside. I couldn't link directly to it though, because it went straight back to the main page.
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where do u go to learn slide?

I highly recommend the book 'Bottleneck Blues Guitar' by Woody Mann, it's what I learnt to play slide from. Otherwise, just listen to a load of slide guitar music (can't go wrong with the classics, Robert Johnson, Son House and Charlie Patton) learn the tabs and you'll be away.

Just wondering if anyone has resonators in both wooden and full steel-bodied variety? I'm interested to know what the difference in sound is, I have a wooden-bodied Dobro-style one but as is the way with guitars, as soon as you get one you want another and I'm GASing quite badly for a National Steel-type instrument like those Messer ones.

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