im looking for a good all tube amp for around $1500 australian, i was looking onto the bugera 333xl half stack and the peavey valveking half stack. any suggestions ??? you can list good combo amps aswell.
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I've never had a lot of luck figuring out what is a good value for you guys and gals down under. I've never played a Bugera but I hear they have better tone then a Valveking. The Bugera's have had some reliability issues (as new amps do) but if you are willing to work on some things before you play it, most of the issues can be addressed I think. Not sure how that affects warranty. The Valvekings are pretty reliable but need some modifications to get the best sound. Mods like a new speaker, OD pedal and possibly tubes.

Are you buying on-line?

Do you guys see used 5150s down there? If you play metal, which I am assuming you do, then you may want to look at used amps instead.

For starters I see a Ceriatone Matchless clone and a Sovtek Mig100 in your budget range.

Also a bit in the dark about what things cost down there but an online currency converter tells me $1500 Australian is £734 so I'll base any ideas on that. You seem very keen on a half stack but a good combo would open up more possibilities so I'll include them as well.

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Laney GH-100 (TI or L) with GS-412 cabinet
Peavey 6505 combo (I reckon it's about £100 over budget but what the hell!)
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