Hey everyone. I've been looking a bunch of tremolo pedals lately.

I was wondering which is the best tremolo pedal out there. Some have told me that I should get a pedal that offers a tremolo sound similar to a vintage tube amp. Others have suggested for me to get the EHX Stereo Pulsar, the Seymore Duncan Shape Shifter, or the Empress Effects Tap Tremolo. But I don't think I need tap tempo.

Someone told me that the best tremolo pedals DO NOT feature tap tempo.

Specifically, I need a tremolo pedal that can generate the panning shuddering/throbbing sound heard in Green Day's "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams."

So which is the best tremolo pedal that can make that same sound? Any recommendations?
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if you can, get your hands on a Boss Tremolo pedal, it took me months but i found one in a pawn shop and it was the best $40 i spent.
There are lots of other nice different tremolos - EHX Wiggler (more than just a trem), Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo, Catalinbread Sephamore (am I spelling it right)?
But even an EHX Pulsar will give you that chopped sound.