I have the Fender FM212 DSP... it comes with a footswitch to change channels from clean to drive... but when I hit the switch with my foot I seem to get a lag/miss in note when channel changing... is this a pedal problem? Should I invest in Boss pedals for a smooth transition and use it on my clean channel and just not use my second?

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I'm just trying to get a smooth transition and not some jumpy channel nonsense... cause I love the sound I get out of the amp its just switching with the footpedal I have right now is not working...
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some amps are like that. there isnt really anything you can do about it as far as i know.
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Amps with multiple channels that have a common EQ will have some lag.

(I think)

It has seperate EQs for each channel. Mine is pretty quick so it depends on what you call lag. It is possible there is something wrong with the pedal so if you like your amp enough you could consider getting a new one.