I dont really know anything about acoustic guitars so I call upon the wise and mighty people of UG to come and save me from my ignorance. Their is only 2 things I am looking for, tone & playability. Im not going to be using a amp so I dont need fancy electronics or pickups and I dont care what it looks like. STEEL STRING. Under $1000 new or used.
Or you could go to a guitar store and try a bunch and buy the best on ebay for a much better deal.
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dont buy used guitars online. you don't know how well they've kept it over winters or if it's had to have had any work done.

don't buy new guitars online either, you won't know exactly how it sounds because two of the same models can sound worlds apart.

any kind of taylor 300 series or better (meaning dont get the 2xx/1xx series made of laminate wood).

a martin D-15 or better.

check out some larrivee guitars.

those three are a little less than 1000 dollars.

for a 500-900 dollar range check out epiphone masterbuilt and blueridge.

really you should just go to an acoustic guitar only store and play everything in your price range. when you go that high end you can't really get a bad guitar
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