ok guys what would be the best gauge string for tuning in drop c...and the guitar i would be using is a esp ltd MH-1000...the string thru version with the seymour duncans...and also would a heavier gauge string (say 11's or 12's) mess with the bridge or anything like that?

haha sorry for the noob question guys....
well yes and no. Will it mess with the BRIDGE? no. but will it mess with the intonation? yes. this is an easy yet VERY time consuming process to fix which is why i take my guitar to a tech to do it! i have my guitar set up in D standard using Elixir Heavys which are a .012-.052 on my ESP LTD Deluxe 1001 and i love it. had the guitar intonated for D standard and set up for super low action with no fret buzz it might play tricks with your truss rod as well.. my theory is if you're stepping up or down a string guage take it to a tech then if you stick with that string guage you can restring it yourself.
as LSC said it will mess with your intonation, which is extremely annoying to fix. It depends how far you're going up though. When it comes to low tunings and drop tunings though, you usually want a heavy top. thinner strings get a thinner sound in lower tunings, and it's difficult for me to play low tunings with thin strings. Bends sound better with thicker strings in low tunings, as well as palm mutes.

If you're tuning into drop C, I doubt you're playing along to The Beatles, so chances are you're going to want thicker strings for a brighter, punchier sound. Take it to a guitar tech and have him re-string it with thick strings. If you're already at around a .50 on the top, you should be set already. I'd stay away from anything thinner than a .48 though for your top string.
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You will have to get the bridge and truss rod adjusted otherwise the bridge will lean foward. get 11s
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ive never had ANY problems with intonation when setting my guitars up for drop C. Its mainly the truss rod you need to watch, make sure that you balance the truss with thenheavier strings, or you'll end up with way too much bow.

I use beefy slinky for drop C.... they are a hybrid set, 12's at the bottom, 11's at the top :-
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i leave 10-52s on my washburn and tune it to whatever.

thanks buzz feiten (Y)
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Yeah, Ive got 10-52's on my guitar, and Ive taken it down to Drop C once, it played fine, but I usually play in Drop D or Drop Db.
Well I have a LTD Mh250 nt i just put on the Ernie ball slinkys Beefy set, and I play in drop b and they feel fine so for drop c your guitar should be good to go.

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.011 to .054 strings
You might not notice a different with the neck bow so you don't need to adjust the Truss Rod, unless you've been using very light strings (.008 or so)