i have a epi lp which ive had for about half a year i got some money for christmas and i wanted to get a multi fx pedal. the main reason is because i have a really crappy amp that only has distortion and clean channels. i have been looking at the zoom G2.1u and the cheapest i have found them is for 100GBP.


also in about a years time i will be considering either a jackson or an ibanez styled guitar are these good deals? the reason im asking now is so i know how much i need to save up and for how long. also are thes guitars good for playing metal, hard rock and soloing on?



i have put links up from one of my local music stores and could you tell me if im about to get ripped off?
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I'd not buy the guitar, I'd buy a new amp instead. It does more to your tone and playing than a new guitar. What guitar do you have now and what would be your total budget?

right now i have a epiphone les paul standard. im thinking a 1-2 year time frame here im more concerned with the pedal though.... my total budget would be a max of about 600GBP. by then ill probably have a new amp aswell.
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Lots of lulz were produced, thankyou good sir