I just changed out my Strat's pickguard for an aftermarket one. First thing I noticed after plugging in my guitar in was there was a lot of hum, so I figured it's probably cause there's not much shielding on the back. So I got some aluminum foil and stuck it to the back of the pickguard, there's still a lot of hum...what should I do? Would copper tape help?
The pickguard? isn't that just a bit of plastic that stops your guitars finished getting scratched? I shouldn't think it would make much of a difference.
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you need adhesive glue. it needs to be over lapped and a run out of the cavity at some point to a guard screw for grounding.

also self adhesive copper foil is less than $20 at stewmac.com.

also, the pups need to come off the guard and the foil goes underneath.

a tele. but still you can see how he runs foil to the control cavity screw.

lastly, make sure you attached to the ground wire that grounds to the trem bar.

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In many cases the little bit of shielding on strat pickguards also acts as the ground for the pots it will hum alot without that ground. Thats why you see it there but not in the rest of the cavity. And aluminum foil doesnt do a very good job.