Hey, I recently got a Zoom G2.1U multi effects pedal and I was wondering if anyone knows how to get a sound that's similar to the classic Zakk Wylde sound.
If anyone can help, it'd be great
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emgs :P
erm just get some high gain gritty distortion

Lol yeah, and maybe a little chorus/RotoVibe type of effect for leads. Less mids on rhythm, crank the mids on the lead sounds. That should be a start.
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Pinch harmonics.

That's how you get his sound.
His tone come from his OD Pedal, the sig one, mainly.

What he does is, run's the marshall at a mid/lower gain sound, and uses the OD for the in your face sound he gets.

Sounds amazing live xD
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PCSpeaker is right,

Damn right I am.

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Zakk doesnt really use distortion, He uses Overdrive he has his Marshall gain Cranked and he uses a Overdrive pedal to push it farther for his different tone
Atleast thats what i had to do when i tested out a JCM 800 with his pedal
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