I am looking for a seasoned jazz guitar player who knows how to read music to tab some of my jazz pieces i play in school ( posibly for pay) This would involve me scanning my stuff and sending it t you and you sending me back the tab via email. Im hoping to find someone that will do this for free but if not i am willing to pay so i can keep up with my jazz playing.
so just recap, on this u have a score, u send to person, person tabs the score and gives it back to you

EASY AS ill do it ahah
Why do they have to be a 'seasoned jazz guitar player'?

Reading music isn't that hard..
you dont "have" to be a seasoned jazz player i am srry for that i just need somone to tab these scores for me because although i love to play and i love to play in jazz band i fear if my jazz band teacher knows i dont know how to read music he will remove me from his class that and i find music hard to read due to the fact that i can read it but when i do find the notes i do not know where to place them on the guitar and it takes for EVER to do. so basically im looking for somone to tab these jazz pieces so i dont have to take the time out to do it and so i can just play.
I guess I could have a look at them, it really depends on how long they take.

I don't suppose they have the chord progression written along aswell?

I suggest you practice sight reading, you might be slow, but the more you do it the better you will get. I have alot of trouble sight reading for guitar, (can do it for piano reasonably well) but that is simply because I never practice it. It takes time but the benefits will be huge, and trust me, your teacher will find out eventually. It's blatantly obvious when someone doesn't know how to read.
i'll send you a few but i have the chords i can get those i just need the note parts tabbed. give me a day or two