first of all, these prices will be in australian dollars.

I have two choices.
Peavey Vypyr 30 watt for $600 + postage. im not quite sure how much that will be. around $50 or so.


Roland Cube 60 watt for $500 no postage required.

In the near future, i will only be using the amps at home. So the extra 30 watt for the Cube doesnt matter all that much.

I was just wondering if the Peavey was good enough to be worth the extra $100 + postage, seeing as though it has only half the wattage.

If by any chance anyone knows of any stores located in Melbourne (Victoria) that sell the Peavey Vypyr, that would be very helpful, as i have searched around and cannot find any as of yet.

Thanks in advance.
Vyper, peavey amps are decent and not just by what my sig says, and the cube sounds very digital to me.

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what styles do you play? the cube is more directed for metal, and the peavey, well, everything else i guess...

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I play a bit of everything. Thanks for the quick responses. I'll order the peavey in the next few days
A lot of Jazz musicians use the Roland cube when playing (very) small gigs, as it has a great clean channel. I'm not too familiar with the Vypyr, but the cube is decent.
i dont mind the cube for clean n such but for metal i dont like it as said before sounds digital
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Thanks for all the info, is their anyone that lives in Melbourne who knows of a store that sells the vypyr? I'd really like to try one before I bought it.
The Vypyrs are epic, I don't know where you'd be able to try one though, I'm in NSW.

You could probably get one for less than $600 if you looked further... I got my 75w for $710 instead of $799.
Thanks for all the info guys, i found one on ebay for $400 AU. brand new. Should be here in the next few days.