Heya, I've been writing lots lately and here are some new demos recorded at home.

Most of these I have written for my new band, that I'm just starting up. Lemme know what you think!

(Songs are on my UG profile).

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I really like White Knight Kings.

Especially the retro 50's instrumental bits with the organ slamming from high to low.
Nice use of the the filter on the organ solo, too.

I like how the song withholds itself from becoming big until the end. You seem to have a good grasp on structure.

Worry about me is a little more stock-standard indie, but I like the little doo-wop influence on it. I like the idea of a modern band with an organist who takes solos.

If you ever decide to take a tour across to Oz let me know if you come to Perth. Would love to come and see this stuff.

Incidentally, if you get signed and get a budget for recording and don't know who to use as a producer, I'm looking into stepping up and producing bands.
Hey man thanks a lot. I love my organ, haha. I'd love to come over to Oz when I've got my stuff together, only just started practicing with the band so once we're all good to go and done a fair bit of gigging over here I'm sure we'll try and branch out. I have been to Australia several times (relatives) and would love to check out the music scene over there.

Definitely keep in contact!
Nice work, on "Worry About Yourself" the overall mix is quite good.

Reminds quite a lot of the Kaiser Chiefs.

Bass is very striking as well, and your vocals are quite good.

3 and a 1/2 out of five imo, nice work.

Could you please crit my cover of learn to fly on http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/adsp/
i would appriciate some feedback as to my mix, and vocals.

Thanks man, and once again, well done